How To Unlock My Yahoo Account If Temporarily Locked?

We all know how strict Yahoo is in keeping its products and services up to its policies. Whenever there is any malfunction with its products, it may lead to a strike that is Yahoo mail account gets locked up. And it automatically gets unlocked after 12 hours, But if you want to regain access to your account, you can use the sign-in Helper or take these steps below:

Unlock Temporary Blocked Yahoo Account

Follow These Steps To Unlock Temporarily Locked Yahoo Mail Account –

Step 1: Visit Yahoo Help Forum Page

Step 2: Click on “Account Locked”

Step 3: Click on Sign-in Helper option

Step 4: Now enter the Yahoo mail address as well as phone number

Step 5: You will receive “Account Key” at your recovery mail

Step 6: Enter the account key at the option available

Step 7: Click on submit

This is the simple way you will be able to Unlock temporary locked Yahoo mail account. Besides, if you face any problem in following these steps, you can also call at Yahoo customer care number for help.


Unlock Yahoo Email Account Immediately Another Method :

  • Completely remove POP and IMAP settings from your email client software.
  • After that withdraw access to all third party apps.
  • You can also use other browsers to log in
  • After that re-open your account

Major cause for blocked Yahoo Mail Account

  • Trying incorrect password attempts several times
  • Sending mails in large numbers in limited time
  • Several hacking attempts on your Email ID
  • Found suspicious activity on Yahoo
  • Due to unauthorized access to any of third party apps or software settings
  • Accessing one mail account at different locations at same time

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