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Excellent Yahoo Mail Feature Added : All Friends To Yahoo Mail

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If you have more than one email account, keeping all of your contacts in one place can be challenging. Starting today, Yahoo Mail on desktop can import contacts from hundreds of email providers, including Comcast, iCloud, AOL and Previously, we supported importing from Facebook, Gmail and Outlook, or even your second Yahoo account. Managing your contacts has never been easier!

A richer search and compose experience

Now import your contacts to move all contact information directly to Yahoo Mail from another email account. So the next time you search for friends whom you often email from a different account, Yahoo Mail will auto-fill their contact details. Or when you type their name in the compose window, Yahoo Mail will auto-suggest their contact card.


To import contacts from your other email accounts, simply go to the contacts tab in Yahoo Mail, click ‘Import contacts’ and select ‘Another email address.’ Once you provide the credentials for the other account, Yahoo Mail will automatically upload your contacts’ email addresses and phone numbers copying them into your Yahoo Mail address book.

A contact card that’s faster to find

We’ll also surface their contact information in a contact card in the upper right hand of your screen when you open an email. This will make it easy to quickly see someone’s phone number or search for emails from only that sender.


Enjoy this update on desktop today, courtesy of our partnership with ShuttleCloud! And to send us feedback – just go to ‘Settings’ and click ‘Send Feedback’.

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