Quick Way To Check Yahoo Mail Storage Limit

Yahoo mail is one of the finest mailing platforms that bring outstanding services and the services of Yahoo are very well addressed with its 1 TB storage space. Yahoo customer service phone number 24/7 is also available for users where they can communicate with professionals for receiving definitive services and support. Yahoo is surely the most liked platform among users. Its features and services are unique and they make work easier and much convenient.

Well along with these features, do you know you can store up to 200 high definition movies in your Yahoo email account? Indeed, 1 TB storage space with so much facility is just great. Well, but you also need to check the storage limit to prevent the risk of running out of space.

You can check the Yahoo mail storage space following these steps:

  1. First of all you need to use the full version of Yahoo mail.
  2. You can switch to the full version by following the Switch to the newest Yahoo Mail link
  3. Click on the settings menu in Yahoo Mail
  4. Select settings from the menu
  5. Now see the total storage quota and the percentage of the used space
  6. Now click cancel in order to leave the page

How can you reduce the account size to when your Yahoo storage limit is near?

If your storage limit is near and you have the risk of running out of space then you can follow these steps to reduce the account size –

  1. First of all delete all the emails of your Trash and Spam folders
  2. You also require to archive old and large emails to the local storage of your computer
  3. Now you can identify emails with large and rich attachments
  4. You can then set up your Yahoo account using IMAP portal and then effectively sort the messages according to the size.

Reducing the account size when the storage limit is near from becoming out of space is very easier. With the above mentioned easy and significant steps, users can just simply enjoy the services. We as a trustworthy third party technical support team offer easier and many convenient services in just simply minimum time period. Our technical experts are available 24/7 to help you come across any problem you face in the above-mentioned space. Our experts will immediately let you know how much space is left in your Yahoo account and how can you check the same; you can use yahoo customer care telephone number for any query.


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