The most innovative idea of making connections and communication easier and convenient was internet ’s ultimate gift. With the enhancement of technology in every sphere of life users have become more efficient to perform essential task through internet facility as well as carry on with the work conveniently. Among so many facilities one can grab benefits from internet which obviously make work easier, among these one is provided with the outstanding search engines , in which Google definitely leads.

Undoubtedly, Google does not need any kind of introduction, and so are its products . There are so many services and outstanding set of applications as well as emailing and other wide range of products available by Google. One can grab as much as they need by exploring. Similarly there is one of the best product launched by Google, it is no other than Gmail. This is the one and only platform which offer stabilized services with multitasking and developed features as well as maximize users experience over the World Wide Web.

One can experience so much all together in Gmail like – Drive in that -My accounts , hangouts, etc, huge storage capacity as well as much more . One can enjoy the mailing facility to the core as well as its chatting services with amazing and lovable smileys . Besides all the enhanced set of qualities and features, there are some times issues too. As we all know as the facilities gave us amazing experience, sooner the trouble arose with the hacking task. There are certain individuals who have the ability to hack your account and leave nothing in your treasure. This kind of task is performed by hackers and we all know about it. Hence one need proper security to keep their email accounts secured and safe.

No doubt , Gmail already facilitates us with highest level of security, but unfortunately sometimes it fails to perform and that is the time we need a proper help and support from customer care team. First of all we must take certain steps if we want to know –

“How to save Gmail account from Hackers”

·         One must set up their two step verification, in which you can either give your alternate email id or your phone number , so that whenever there is any kind of issue, or whenever someone is trying to open your account you will immediately get to know about it that, your account was logged in at particular time and date.

  • In order to encounter whether id is being hacked or not, one can check whether Gmail messages are sent to other people without your permission or not.
  • One can also check that from where is your Gmail account being accessed
  • You can choose a unique and hard to crack password , so that it would become really difficult for anyone to resolve it.
  • You can also secure your computer by making your settings private.

If one have any issue in following these or of there is any other technical issue like –

  • Your password has been hacked
  • Blocked
  • Account being compromised
  • Attachment issues
  • Sending and receiving mail problems
  • Configuration issues
  • Spam filtration issues
  •  Much more……

These are quite common technical glitches which almost many user come across with while accessing Gmail smoothly. So to eliminate these issues from depth, one can take prominent and simple steps from technical support team. We are among some of the great and most trustworthy service providers who offer exceptional support and perfect services to users across the globe.

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