How To Delete Folders in Yahoo Mail

Delete Folders in Yahoo Mail through Professionals Help

Yahoo is one such platform that perfectly works with numerous features and functions. In Yahoo there are thousands of amazing benefits and services that accomplish your mailing tasks perfectly. Whether it is storage space or other signature setup features, Yahoo has modified itself to a great extent.

Yahoo is new! How to use it?

Indeed, with so many new updates the Yahoo mail platform has changed itself and now it has become much more inevitable and innovative. The benefits of this new Yahoo is, you can now search the mail with any word you want to, and yahoo will automatically present all mails in your inbox highlighting that particular word.

Another added advantage is, photos you can add all the photos to Yahoo mail drive and view it whenever you want. Yahoo also benefits you with the changing color of their platform. one can choose what color they want and apply on their Yahoo mail. you can easily use it, by updating your Yahoo to new from classic. If you face any trouble then our support team is available to assist you every 24/7.

With so many features, it is also one feature that you can add folders in Yahoo mail and accordingly you can categorize mails in your folder. One can also delete folders in Yahoo Mail, if needed. At the time of any confusion or query, you can just simply dial our Yahoo support number for help. If you want to delete folders in Yahoo Mail, you can take prominent steps:

Delete Folders In Yahoo Mail? Follow These Steps –

  • Open the folder you want to delete.
  • Move messages to other folders or delete them until the folder is empty
  • So now simply use the checkbox and scroll to select all messages
  • Click on the folder in the folder list
  • Select Delete from the menu
  • If you accidentally deleted an empty folder
  • Click undo quickly as it appears at the top of your Yahoo! Mail screen
  • Delete a Folder in Yahoo! Mail Basic

To Delete A Custom Folder from your Yahoo! Mail account using Yahoo! Mail Basic

  • Open the folder you want to delete in Yahoo! Mail Basic
  • Look for and move any messages you want to keep
  • Click next to My Folders in the folder list
  • Click Delete next to the folder you want to remove under My Folders
  • Click OK under Delete Folder

You can easily follow these steps to delete folders in your Yahoo mail. If you have any trouble or if you go through any complexity, you can connect with expertness at Yahoo technical support number.

How do I Contact Yahoo To Delete Folders in Yahoo Mail?

One can contact Yahoo for any issue or problem they face at their official help page. But, unfortunately, Yahoo does not provide any particular phone number or Yahoo toll-free number. So users can contact at Yahoo phone number for attaining fixed support and solution.

For contacting Yahoo, users are required to attain fixed support and services for help. They can get help from the professionals directly.


  •     Go to the Yahoo Help homepage
  •     Now select the product you need assistance with
  •     Now select the product you want assistance with
  •     Now click the contact us link

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