Common Yahoo Mail Troubles – Go For Consulting a Professional

Yahoo Mail is currently one of the largest email providers in the world. Among the users, Yahoo is highly trusted for its security and reliability. Despite this, there are certain technical issues faced by the users at times. Especially at the time of signing in the account, the technical issues make it a frustrating experience for the users. There are several technical problems that need a proper solution to sign in. Some of the technical issues are described below:-

Invalid Password–This is a common error that may be generated due to a spelling mistake in the password or a typing error. In case, the password is set in lower case and the Caps Lock key is on which enters the password in upper case, the password will become incorrect. In addition, if the email id entered is incorrect, it will not allow you to login the account.

To avoid such a problem, you must carefully enter the email id as well as the password. Remember the correct password and fill it in the right manner. Both the user id and password must be correct to sign in the account. Your password must be strong enough so that it cannot be easily hacked by anyone.

Verification Issue –When a user forgets his password, he must enter the correct contact number filled at the time of sign up. These are just the security measures by Yahoo that help you in keeping your data safe. Your identity is verified through the phone number, recovery email id or security questions that you entered at the time of signing up. By providing the correct information, you can easily get back to your account.

Someone Else is Using My Account –This message can be really terrifying as the account has all your data which can be accessed by someone else. It is only possible when a person knows your password. Hence your password must be strong enough that cannot be guessed by anyone else. Otherwise, anyone can hack your account and can view all the information that your account has and can also misuse it. As soon as you notice this issue, sign in to your account and logout from all other devices. Then lock your account with a new password. In this way, you can keep all the data safe.

Sign in Screen Reloads –In case you are trying to sign in to your account number of times and facing the same issue, click “not you” on the sign in page. Again try to sign in by entering your email id and password correctly. Still, if you face the same technical issue, clear the browser cookies; re-open the browser and sign in again. Better try in a different browser to avoid the same issue.

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