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Yahoo Being Renamed As Altaba For More Opportunities

Yahoo has become one of the most outstanding web interface which work in every different aspect very perfectly. It is the web panel of complete new and different opportunities, which improves the work as well as help individuals in attaining totally ultimate services and solution. There are so many problems in yahoo which can occur anytime, what users can do is, take the help from the experts when any issue persists, and we here are one of the best place who make sure that each of the problem is being removed quite commonly in the short time. One can use Yahoo/Altaba Customer Service Number, for the direct communication.

Besides all this, as each of the yahoo user know that yahoo keeps on updating so many new and different things, and the biggest announcement for yahoo itself this year is, that it has decided to be renamed as the name Altaba, now Yahoo has done an amazing deal in order to sell its core internet business, for digital advertising, emailing and for other media assets also very easily. from emailing to media assets, and to Verizon for almost $4.83 billion.
It’s perfect, that yahoo is the most stable web interface which work brilliantly and now as it will be renamed, more and more web users would get to know, so many new and enhanced things for users to learn and to explore. The entire team is enhanced and dependent upon removing all sort of problems in yahoo, as well as the name changes, the team is available for rendering the best support in the minimum time.

We work as a third party team although, which brings essential Yahoo technical support to users for yahoo problems. One can contact with us through our toll free number for help and support. so use our number for better communication and help now.

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Excellent Yahoo Mail Feature Added : All Friends To Yahoo Mail

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If you have more than one email account, keeping all of your contacts in one place can be challenging. Starting today, Yahoo Mail on desktop can import contacts from hundreds of email providers, including Comcast, iCloud, AOL and Previously, we supported importing from Facebook, Gmail and Outlook, or even your second Yahoo account. Managing your contacts has never been easier!

A richer search and compose experience

Now import your contacts to move all contact information directly to Yahoo Mail from another email account. So the next time you search for friends whom you often email from a different account, Yahoo Mail will auto-fill their contact details. Or when you type their name in the compose window, Yahoo Mail will auto-suggest their contact card.


To import contacts from your other email accounts, simply go to the contacts tab in Yahoo Mail, click ‘Import contacts’ and select ‘Another email address.’ Once you provide the credentials for the other account, Yahoo Mail will automatically upload your contacts’ email addresses and phone numbers copying them into your Yahoo Mail address book.

A contact card that’s faster to find

We’ll also surface their contact information in a contact card in the upper right hand of your screen when you open an email. This will make it easy to quickly see someone’s phone number or search for emails from only that sender.


Enjoy this update on desktop today, courtesy of our partnership with ShuttleCloud! And to send us feedback – just go to ‘Settings’ and click ‘Send Feedback’.

We are a leading Third Party Yahoo Mail Customer Service helpline for helping users whenever they encountered problems in their Yahoo Mail account any sort of technical faults etc.


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Export Your Yahoo Mail Address Book in Minimum time

The email is simply the most wonderful panel till date, one can enjoy its features, can contact with the experts anytime they want. There are many tasks which user follow many a times in order to export yahoo mail address book. Yes, one can easily manage their contacts in yahoo mail; it’s very much easier to export them to a format which has the most universal popularity. One can also import email address from CSV files in outlook, and also they can do this in Yahoo Mail.

You can simply export yahoo mail address Book, whenever you require for essential experience. There are several steps which you can take to follow whenever you need for help. We are the best and most dependable Yahoo Mail Customer Support Helpline team who render perfect steps and essential procedure to all the users.

Export Yahoo Mail Address Book : Follow Essential Steps For It –

  • Make sure you are using the complete version of yahoo mail
  • You can select contacts in your yahoo, mail
  • Now you need to make sure that all your contacts are being selected in the contact list
  • Enter the CAPTCHA under the code
  • Now click on export now
  • After that you can click on Export contacts sheet

These are the simple and easy to follow a step which brings essential technical support and perfect solution for users to export yahoo mail address book anytime. One can also take the essential steps and follow important and significant procedure through our help and support.

We are the best and most ultimate third party Specially Yahoo Mail Customer Care helpline by phone number toll free certified team of experts who focus on removing all the errors significantly within minimum time. We are the best place who offers significant technical solution through remote access, on call, and live chat.



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Do you require some of the important steps for password recovery? Is your account not working properly because there is a password related problems? You can depend upon us for the Gmail Password Recovery Steps and for essential steps which you need to take in order to follow. As we all know, for any email account, password is the key, and hence if gets deleted or lost. Then users require essential steps for this purpose.

Gmail Password Recovery Steps

Among-st the emailing platform, Gmail is definitely the best, it is enhanced with so many ultimate features which are worth to use. But unfortunately, there are certain problems in Gmail which requires essential support and perfect solution regarding the same. One can depend upon us for the perfect support and services if you want to recover the password of Gmail. If in any case the password gets lots of removed or any problem arise regarding the same then tech support plays essential role via following some Gmail Password Recovery Steps.

Although being a user one can achieve the solution for password recovery issues anytime and anywhere. One can also recover the password through mobile option whenever needed. As recovering through mobile option is the best thing a user can do, as it’s quite easier and convenient when we want to do it through mobile devices.

You can take certain steps through Gmail contact number for password recovery

  1. Go to the trouble signing in page.
  2. Then Select “I don’t know my password.”
  3. After that enter your email address and follow the instructions on the screen
  4. Go to the Gmail help page
  5. Go to My account
  6. Choose the new Password whenever needed
    1. Enter your new password information, and then select Change Password
    2. Now write the new password
    3. Click on submit

These are simple Gmail Password Recovery Steps which you can follow easily if you forgot password of your Gmail account. But in order to recover it through Gmail password recovery or mobile option you need certain different steps –

  • Visit the Gmail page
  • Click on the need help option
  • The option will come to enter the captcha
  • On the next very page, enter the last password
  • Either click on skip option, if you don’t remember the same
  • Verify the mobile phone number on the next page
  • The code will be sent at your phone, simply the dial that code
  • And click enter

You can take this essential step of you are looking for the Gmail password recovery service through mobile device option. You can also take the help of professionals if in any case you are just not able to resolve on your own. One can use Gmail customer support number for help. We are just simply one of the great providers who resolve all issues whenever they need.

If you want to recover your password through alternative email id, then also solution is available –

  • Enter the Gmail in the browser
  • Now login space will appear
  • Enter your email id and password
  • Two option will come when you will click on forgot password
  • One is last password, or last email id
  • Now you will be asked with alternate email address
  • Check your email id and get password link on it
  • Now click on the link and the option for new password will appear
  • Simply place your new password

We are one of the best places who bring most outstanding services and perfect solution for each and every user. One can depend upon us whenever they look for; we work as a third party team who focus on removing the issue through on call live chat and remote access. One can use our toll free number for direct help.




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Offering Best Way to Configure Gmail SMTP Settings Conveniently

Gmail definitely does not need any detail information about it so the best thing a user, can achieve from Gmail is worth exploring as much as a user can. One can check out the overwhelming features like how to configure Gmail SMTP settings the Drive, as well as server features. Ok, so when we talk about server features then free server protocols is available like SMTP, POP 3 and IMAP. As this server protocol is very much necessary for users, as they can configure their web mail with the third party email client application sand these are outlook and much more. The main thing is that we help users with the suitable process so that they can configure Gmail SMTP protocol easily. Although one can also take help and support form experts of third party for achieving excellent and essential support by dialing Gmail customer care number +1-800-611-2573 . One can genuinely follow certain important process configure Gmail SMTP Settings in an easy manner.

Take these steps, or else if you have any confusion then you can directly contact with us for help

• At first Open the Gmail then click on the settings icon which is at the top right side of the account
• now click on the account and import option
• there is another option available where you can add another email address by your own
• Then another tab option you can add certain important details like your name, your email address but you must be sure that the email address you have mentioned is authorized, on your AUTH SMTP

• In the next page you will be able to see SMTP server blank tap
• You can enter your user name and password here
• Click on the secured connection option
• Then click on the add account option
• Now you can verify the email address
• You can see the new sender account here

From there you can use this facility, although many a time’s users do not get enough time, so that they can consider us. We are available at 24*7 with best technical support and perfect services, if in any case a user gets any sort of problem in following this, then they can take important steps for this purpose.

We are the most trustworthy technical support team and we work as third party specialists who bring essential technical support and services for how to change Gmail account password instantly and many more to their users. We are the trustworthy technical support team who render perfect support and solution for all the problems. Simply call us to achieve the instant solution.

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Yahoo Mail Feature : Track Your Packages And Remember Events

Yahoo is the complete package of various new opportunities, updates, applications and unique features. Users can receive services like event reminders and they can also track their delivery packages, email easily without searching in your inbox.

How it feels when you forget your friend’s birthdays, yes, definitely you receive their anger. But with event reminder, you can easily wish them birthday from anywhere. You can see visual and informative package and event notifications at the top of your inbox for quick and fast viewing. When Amazon sends an order email, you’ll see a package notification that has so many unique shortcuts to shipment tracking and the original email for your order.
You will also receive upcoming events from various sites such as Event rite, Fandango, Ticketmaster and others. Yahoo mail also provides you a snap shot and the quick link. You will receive snapshots of the event details and a quick link to the original invite and directions. As soon as you read the event or package notification, you can also dismiss it.

This new feature also offers an outstanding experience to U.S. users over the next few days. This will definitely make your experience amazing.

if you are going to use and activate this amazing feature, but not able to do that, Just call certified engineers of Yahoo Customer Service Support By Phone Number instantly. The Yahoo telephone number is toll free by following call anywhere anytime strategy.

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Enjoy the Awesome Feature of the Gmail Id with the Aid of Professional

There are numerous reasons to stay connected in the giant search engine based service product to prove them as you are well aware from the technology.  Basically, this service has been utilized to access the data of the particular person in the precise, and access it from the remote location sounds not to be tedious work. Of course, maximum person advocates the high Gmail has the various outstanding features to give the maximum be benefits to the all the account holder and normal person. This web mail service occupies more than 2 gigs space. It has the more space, and this space is far better than all other web mail services. The main reason behind to develop this storage to keep the mail thread and message string in an ascending manner.  It is the general behavior of the person that hardly makes a dare to delete and truncate the unnecessary email thread in the inbox area. In this way, you should not get the new room for upcoming mail. If you are desirous to play with these wonderful attributes, you should have to take the positive association of the Gmail Support Contact Number.

Some of the enticing features are elaborated in the list.

IMAP and POP Protocol: In order to retrieve the desktop based email function, one cannot ignore the importance of the IMAP mail function. In a short word, there should not problem to trigger the outlook and Apple mail to check their account. On the other word, some awesome function has been achieved through accessing the POP mail, and get through the Google competitors.

Google Adsense: In order to achieve the maximum gain in the context of the money, Gmail offers the ad sense facility to the user.  It is suited good for those persons, who have a strong wish to establish their business in the local region.

Search:  In case you are searching the web page for the particular service, you should have to take it through saved email and talk transcription. One of the best attributes that Google automatically skips the searching in the in the spam and trash folder. So, any user will get the most relevant result.

Gmail labs and do list: In order to offer the maximum and most satisfied user experience, Gmail imparts  on live features and adds-on with the aid of the Gmail. It is the desire of the users that which features are suited to be good to complete your personal and professional requirement. But, an individual must have taken a look that which features suited to be good to complete their requirement.  These Gmail items should be developed or not.

The do list of Gmail suits to be perfect who are fed up from the traditional look of the Gmail account, and want to give the appealing appearance on the theme of the inbox page. If you have not an empowerment to access this look, then you must have to shelter of the do list of Gmail account.

Offline access: Now, you can access Google gears. If you have to access the Gmail account, you should be able to see the entire detail of the mail id. This detail is also available for that time, when you are not connected to the online world. All the upcoming sending and receiving message will be received to the user whenever you are connected to internet connection again.

Make good use of the labels: In order to organize important email in the best   way, Google allowed the label facility to the user. This attribute is available in setting of the Gmail id and can customize its according to the requirement.

If you are feeling difficulty to approach on to enable these attributes within Gmail id, you would have to break your diligent discovery at our independent third party service provider. We are engaged in this service for long time, and various clients have achieved the fruitful result from us. In order to come in the contact of the talented third party professional, you should have to make call on toll free Gmail Phone Number 1-888-411-1123.  Our service is far better than other competitors as we contain one motto in the mind to render the best customer satisfaction. All the problems can be solved to upgrade the new feature and attributes with Gmail Helpline Phone Number. To know more information, you have to browse our web portal.

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Approach reliable tech support to take away all failures

Day to day, there is exponential growth in the internet user because it has alleviated the problem to reach on the door step of the various users. Of course, a bunch of web mail service has played the significant role for smoothing the communication amenities. The name of yahoo comes in high priority level as it is the ancient version of the internet technology. The fame of this web mail service is not only scattered to single geographical location, but also you have to take this service at the various locations. In order to resolve the technical issues of the web mail services, an individual should have to dial yahoo customer care number.

There are various professionals, who are addicted to the data transferring from one portal to another. No matter, the memory space is required to handle data in the effective and efficient manner. Whenever you have to express the greeting to your loved one and any other familiar person, the composing the mail along the attachment could not be ignored. The data storage capacity of the yahoo mail id is much better than any other web mail service destination. To handle all the chaos behaviors of the yahoo mail id, and minute update and version in this mail id, they would have to take the technical assistance on the yahoo customer support number. As soon as one is taking help from this third party service provider, there is a rare chance to delve in the difficulty.

 If any person is interested to fetch the information of one subject matter and core domain, they can enable the selected service and new in this channel. It is a bit true that they are aware from the recent news and channels to the users. To receive this cheerful service, they should have to dial Yahoo customer Service Number. Take the help of our third party professional in case you problem makes match with the below illustration. It is depicted as below.

  • You account has been blocked.
  • There occurs some difficulty to arrive on the dashboard channel or inbox page.
  • You have not exact id or password.
  • There has some attachment issue.
  • You are sending and receiving mail.
  • The loading time of yahoo id is not too much.

If you have to take the proper solution of the above mentioned disputes, then you should have to take association of our third party professional. Take the liberty from all yahoo mail dispute and complication through dialing the yahoo customer support toll free number. We are available in the 24 hours in a day. Our yahoo customer service is best from other competitors. To know more information, you have to browse our web portal.


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The web mail service is in full swing, and nobody can deny the substantial importance of this. So, each and every person has made the indirect and direct connection to this innovative web item at any rate. Here, lots of services have been utilized to explore the business work in the genius way.  Before taking this service into reality, one should have to check the compatibility for the system. It should be configure the web browser to get the laptop and PC. So, an individual want to synchronize the Gmail account with your web mail service. With the best configuration of all the deserved and desired function, they should have to take the help tech support team. From time to time, they can take the help of Toll Free Online Gmail Technical Support Number.

When you have to archive the data in the sequential manner, the requirement of the calendar could not be ignored at any rate. But, it is not easy for each and every person to install this beautiful application within their Gmail account. During managing this program at your end, there is high probability that Gmail id of the particular person throws the annoying result or consequence to a user.  These annoying results could be received to the end-user in the form of the error message, failure and syncing issue.

Most of person has the general hypothesis in their mind that they can manage this issue in the genius way as the configuration process is not tough assignment as they think in their mind. Without delving in the complicated and unmanageable issue, they should have to welcome all the features and functions. Therefore user has to love the association of third party professional. Around the globe, there are various professionals to sort out the technical issue of the Gmail and other web mail oriented service provider. But, you would not insist to take the service of one service provider without extracting the in-depth information of the professional.

In order to determine the effective service to improve the outcome of the indirect communication, you would have to discover the genuine service to cast the query on the search engine database.  As you cast your query on the web ocean, you will get in the touch of some expert to resolve the technical glitches of various web mail services with the rock solid approach to do their work. If you embrace the outstanding features of the Gmail id then you should have to take the precise help of those technical professionals to solve all queries. Hence, user has to take the technical support for the Web Live mail service. One of most welcomed features of this service provider is that the account holder does not feeling any complexity to recover their password.

After returning back to all lost login credentials, the user will easily connects to the user. This is the reason that maximum persons have advocated the third part team, and it imparts the genius, unified and online tech support to the user. This treatment has been requested for those professionals, who want to use the great utilization of their mail id. Only those professionals suit to be good, who have in-depth knowledge in this field and domain?


Lets us take the look of Importance of Gmail Technical Support Service.

  • The Gmail page is not loading in the defined time span.
  • There has some account set up issues.
  • An individual is not able to download their attachment.
  • You are not comfortable to compose new mail to the desired person and targeted audience.
  • There have some privacy set up issue.


If your problem makes the high degree of resemblance to the above mentioned issue, then you do not make a hesitation to approach on our one stop third party service provider.  To get the help in the short time interval, you should have to arrive on excellent Gmail Customer Phone Number.  The technical glitches come in the yahoo id without any invitation, and therefore it is advised to take resolution via a call at Gmail Customer Service Number. To know more information, you have to browse our web portal at