Access Gmail with Most Helpful Tools For Better Experience

At present, there are so many outstanding product of Google available which make work easy and convenient. Although Google products are so popular in the web world, that they does not need any kind of introduction. Among the long list of these services and application which Google offers us, Gmail is the best. Google mail or Gmail helps one communicate in a better way, one can easily and much conveniently get best help and services from experts in this aspect. Although Gmail itself is not less than an exploring and mysterious platform, which each day with its new updates and overwhelming features are brining curiosity among million of users.
At the same time, users can also experience Gmail facilities with affective and magical tools and easy way. These tools are –

  • Chrome extensions – Gmail comes up with the great features, but there are numerous other amazing tools like – Chrome Extensions and Firefox add on, which allows you to extend as well as enhance the functionality.
  • Wise stamp – This type of ultimate extension allows you to have a customizable email signature with social media and HTML integration. One can brand their company and share social profiles with anyone through Gmail. You can also include other cool things in your signature like your latest tweet, Google+ update, latest blog post, and more! This extension is also available for Firefox and Safari services.
  • Minimalist for Gmail With the help of these extensions, you can easily hide elements within Gmail, and it also has a huge options page with tons of things to customize. You can also easily add custom row highlighting, show attachment icons, as well as enable desktop notifications, as well as customize the graphics, colors, and top menu whenever you need and want. With its help you can make your Gmail look neat and clean
  • Boomerang for GmailBoomerang for Gmail allows you to schedule email messages to be sent or returned to your inbox at a later time. The extension is great in helping you reach “inbox zero” quickly because you can archive messages and have the important ones return to the top of your inbox at the specified time, when you have time to read them. With the help of these extensions one can also set reminders, create necessary notes, etc.
  • You can also snooze your Gmail – The extensions helps you snooze your email for several hours or days, one can also get a reminder later about them, or you can have these reappear in your inbox as an unread messages.
  • Gmail Watcher Gmail Watcher can alert you of new messages, and also with the notification as well as it can be limited to inbox only, you’ll also get a toolbar button with unread mail count on it.
  • GmailTex – This is an interesting add-on that lets you use Latex (a method for typesetting mathematical formulas) within Gmail. This is one of the best ways for doing any kind of technical work that involves advanced mathematics.

These are certain amazing tools, which Gmail users can use anytime and take its benefits. One can consider Gmail Support Number in order to receive best solution whenever needed in this aspect. If you also want the benefits of these enhanced tools, then you can consider us.
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