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How Can You Go to Yahoo! Mail Directly From Search Box

Yahoo mail is enhanced with so many features that many of us don’t even know. With its timely technical support services from Yahoo corporate phone number, it offers various other services too. Besides, Yahoo users are in millions and they are dependent upon accessing Yahoo mail app in their latest android, iPhone and Mac devices. As the popularity of accessing mail app has increased from past some time, users have become use to Yahoo app.

But very less do we all know that there are many hidden features in Yahoo. Even if we see it, we do not use it, due to lack of knowledge. So here, you can receive brief detail about one significant feature.

Did you know, Yahoo offers a shortcut to Yahoo! Mail from search field? Yes, this is true and you all must have noticed the same on every page on Yahoo! It has a little search box in the top right corner; you can use the search web box to search the web. Besides, users can also use it to go to their Yahoo! Mail Inbox quickly. Do you want to know how? Check this out:

Go to Yahoo! Mail Directly From Any Yahoo! Search Box

If you want to go to Yahoo! Mail or Yahoo! Mail Classic directly from any Yahoo! search box:

  • First type “mail!” in the Yahoo! search box
  • Now hit enter
  • That’s all
  • You will be taken straight to your Yahoo! Mail
  • You can also try other keywords such like
  • “my”, “news” “movies”, etc

Well this is the easiest way to directly go to Yahoo Mail without any trouble. If you face any issue or any confusion then you can take our help. We assure technical help to each user for all Yahoo technical support. You can call yahoo customer service to attain fastest solution and complete recovery from the problems in Yahoo. We are offering each and every amazing service as a third party technical support team and we assure perfect assistance to users whenever they have any query. Feel free to explore our portal or contact us at the give technical support number for Yahoo.

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How To Backup And Restore Contacts in Skype Easily?

Just a few days back, the benefit of Skype was very much highlighted. Users have been accessing this software quite a lot. With the passing time, the demand of Skype has increased and each user has started to depend upon this platform. Users many a time, think How to Backup and Restore Contacts in Skype?, for this purpose, they can contact with us, or follow certain genuine steps for the same.




Easy Steps for Backup Skype contacts or Restore it –

Step 1: The very first thing you can do is launch your Skype interface. You might be having a desktop shortcut for this purpose.

Step 2: Login to Skype by just entering the username and also password

Step 3: From the toolbar, you can then click on contacts and then navigate to advanced option, after that backup contacts file.

Step 4: Now click on the option and save your file

Step 5: After this process, you would also be asked to save your file

Step 6: Choose a directory location

Step 7: Give the file appropriate name

Step 8: Now click on the save button.

With these easy and effective steps, you can create backup Skype contacts on your hard drive, MAC, Excel etc. Now after that save on an external drive, then you can migrate to the cloud or can share with friends easily.

These easy steps help users in restoring contacts in Skype. One can easily backup Skype contacts without any trouble. If you face any issue or problem in following these steps mentioned above then you can take our help. We are professional, trustworthy and certified technical support providers for Skype issues. We offer significant services and support to users who face any problem in their Skype. The hitches and glitches that exist in Skype, all are eliminated essentially through absolutely toll free number.

Our engineers are available around the clock to assist users whenever they face any issue in their Skype software. One can connect with our professionals to attain fixed and easy services for all Skype backup and restore contacts related issues. We offer instant help and support through various ways such like on call, live chat and remote access to users.

How Our Backup For Skype Contacts Service works?

  • We work independently as a third party technical support providers for Skype.
  • Our professionals are certified engineers who offer complete effective solution for all Skype related issues
  • We help in providing robust support for Skype backup and restore issues
  • We help with updating contacts
  • We give solution for other technical glitches in Skype
  • We offer instant help for settings and installation of Skype software
  • Many more

Our Third Party Technical Support

We as a trustworthy third party technical support providers offer significant services and solution to users for coming across all hitches in Skype. We give timely assistance and help to users for each problem. We are available around the clock to assist users in attaining fastest recovery. One can dial our SKYPE Customer Service Helpline number whenever needed for any query or support.